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We help people save time, make their life better, exercising communications, both in business and in private life.


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We proudly offer:

  • All statewide moving service
  • Full Height Trucks with lift-gate
  • Expert Piano moving service
  • Professional moving specialists
  • Exceptional furniture protection
    with blankets and Shrink-Wraps
  • Protect your floor and stairs
  • Powered Stair Climbing included for free

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Residential Pricing

Two Men

Start at

$55 per hour

  • Two professional movers
  • Dollies and hand truck
  • +45% Truck & Service Fee
  • Additional $5 per stair flight

Three Men

Start at

$82 per hour

  • Three professional movers
  • Dollies and hand truck
  • +45% Truck & Service Fee
  • Additional $5 per stair flight
In order to maintain our same low moving rates, we have cut our costs as much as possible. One major expense that any business has is credit card processing fees. All of the advertised rates you find on this website are CASH rates. Call us now at (714) 868-6808. Thank you.

About us

55Moving has been a trusted licensed business in Orange County since 2001. As a local, family-owned operation, we make sure all the moving jobs are handled in the most reliable and professional manner.

T-Trucking Service

Reach us quick:

  • Best price and quality
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Full Dock Height 24ft Trucks with lift-gate
  • Professional moving specialists
  • No hassle!

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Same Day Truck Delivery

Most deliveries can be made the same day or the next day. Our rates are surprisingly affordable compared to rates of air-freight or long-distance trucking company.

Rush Courier

We specialized in Rush Courier Service in the Orange County region since 2001. Certain deliveries need premium quality of service, and we offer it in the best possible price.

Daily Scheduled Route

In-house drivers and vehicles are one of the most expensive costs of every business. Let us take care of your Daily Courier Route, so you can save your time and money.

Discount Scheduled Pickup

We always offer significant discounts for any deliveries that occurs on a regular prescheduled basis. Your pickup does not need to be daily, as long as the day and time are set and recurring (eg. every Friday at 11:00 AM).

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