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Local Moving

The time of moving starts when our truck arrives at your place and is over when the entire job is done WE DO NOT CHARGE OVERTIME OR WEEKEND We bill for ‘double drive.’ This refers to doubling the time it takes us to get from pick-up point to delivery point . For example, if it takes us a 30 minutes to drive from your old home to your new home, and your move took exactly 3 hours from start to finish, then we would add an additional 30 minutes to account for our return trip and bill you for 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Moving Supplies

We do not sell moving supplies, packing supplies. However, you can purchase boxes and packing supplies as needed from your local (Lowes or Home Depot).

Shrink-Wraps and Blankets

Your furniture will be packed in blanket pads and then we will shrink-wrap it all to protect from scratches and damages right at your home or office.

Piano Moving

If you are going to move a piano or a grand piano, our experienced moving crew will move it safely. We have all necessary equipment to do so We will use a special piano board to move your piano or a grand-piano if there are flights of stairs is extra charge for piano.


We do not recommend you to tape your furniture yourself to keep your drawers and glass doors sturdy, because the tape could leave marks on your furniture.

Moving Protection

If you have wooden floors or stairs, we will cover it with blanket pads. At the place of destination we will arrange the furniture at your personal desire.

Customer Responsibilites

All personal items must be fully packed and ready to go before our arrival. Our insurance does not cover for the contents of drawers, containers, and other items of similar nature. Items of extroidinary value such as precious metals or stones, jewelry, watches and numismatic properties should be transported by the customer. Papers such as accounting bills, evidence of debt, letters of credit, passport, deeds, money, notes, securities, philatelic properties, drafts, stocks, drawings, blueprints, or similar documents should be transported by the customer as well. customer is responsible for making any and all arrangements with the apartment complex, home association, or evelevator reservation. It is the customers right and duty. to inspect the box and cab of the truck after the move is completed to insure no items have been left behind by mistake.


Our responsibility is further limited to standard California law of limited liability insurance. You are automatically insured for $0.60/LB of any item. We offer additional insurance for purchase. Live animals, eggs, fish, plants, flowers, painting pictures, value celebrated, or any other property of perishable nature. Oversized items while being moved through restricted accessibility inside the house will not be covered.

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