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Our Trucking Services

You have freight and you need a quick trucking quote to get your cargo on its way. With T-Trucking Quick Quote, we have a trucking solution for your every need. Whether your transporting a single crate (LTL) (FTL)full truck load interstate overnight or you need same day in town delivery, we offer a Quick Freight Trucking System for you. 24ft. truck we charge (Truck Dispatch Charge $80. Base Delivery Rate $2.5 per mile . Freight, no charge ) We guarantee no hidden costs.

Same Day Truck Delivery

If you need large items or palletized freight moved, T-trucking Delivery Service so can accommodate this with our full dock height, 24 foot truck. Schedule permitting, most deliveries can be made the same day or the next day from when the order is placed. Rates are surprisingly affordable when compared to the ground rates of air-freight or long distance trucking companies. If you currently own one or more large trucks you are no doubt aware of the high fixed costs of purchasing, insuring, fueling, and maintaining this type of equipment as well as the labor related expenses. Instead of adding another vehicle to handle your overflow needs, just call in your order to Tam trucking Service and forget about it! We’re there when you need us and there is no expense when you don’t. If you occasionally rent trucks for delivery purposes, consider this; T-trucking Service can pick/up and deliver for substantially less than the combined costs of daily truck rental (including mileage) and an employee driver. An additional disadvantage of renting is that it usually wastes the time of two employees while you pick up and drop off the truck. T-trucking Service can free you from the hassles and high costs of an in-house trucking operation and allow you and your employees to focus on your business.

Rush Courier

T-trucking Service has specialized in Rush Courier Service in the Orange County region since it’s founding in 2001, (originally named WEST FREIGHTLINE) we have been providing premium quality rush delivery services to all types of businesses in Orange County and Los Angeles for over ten years. We understand, regularly handle, the needs of the most demanding shippers in industries including medical, legal, printing, direct-mail, parts, supplies, engineering, architects,real estate, manufacturing, aerospace, computer/technology, retail, and government contractors (to name a few). While we do make every effort to ensure that our Customers always get the best possible price, we fully understand that with certain deliveries, cutting corners to save a few dollars on the shipping rate is not worth the enormous costs that may result from any delivery delay or error. In fact, the majority of our deliveries are in this class, and the fact that our customers remain loyal to Tammoving they start shipping with us is an indication the we are doing a good job.

Daily Scheduled Courier Route Service

If your company uses in-house drivers and company owned vehicles for daily routed delivery, your are aware of the extensive costs involved with purchasing, operating, maintaining, and insuring a fleet of vans or cars; not to mention the soaring costs of labor and the associated benefits and taxes. Today, more and more companies are turning to outsourcing as a cost cutting alternative.

Daily scheduled pickup

Many businesses don’t need an entire delivery route, but have a single (or multiple) daily pickups at pre-scheduled times. T-trucking Service offers significant discounts off of regular courier rates for any delivery that occurs on a regular prescheduled basis. Your pickup does not need to be every day in order to receive the discount, as long as the day and time are pre-set and recurring (eg every Friday at 11:00AM). Your specific discount will be based on a number of factors, so please contact us with your details for rate quote.

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